bolt hole skateboarding

bolt hole is a team of newcastle skaters / we will be releasing a film soon / t-shirts are to come / this is just a beginning / Jordan Sharp / Ged Cooper-Johnston /
Charlie Hardy / Harry Gelzinnis / Tamahae Puha / Reece Gittins / Tim Driver / Quinn Squires / Patrick Cordwell

Ged - FrontBoard - Newcastle
Video soon
Ged - Nose Bonk - Newcastle
Ged, Indie off the nipple
Showing love for the Homies over at Order
getting some shit down at kahiba ghetto
our boi ged gedding up a tight 50-50 in kahiba 
our newest designs, stickers not out soon

our newest designs, stickers not out soon

video in progress
Our newest member saying hello to the concrete while throwing a kickflip down the stairs
benihana, mayfield hip.